What do we bring new to the world?

UNITE is the “Underserved Needs In Times of Emergency” Public Procurement Platform, exclusively for governmental procurement of special orders of products and services for crisis response. It can be considered as “The Alibaba of urgent and unusual public procurement requests”.

UNITE is a two-sided platform, connecting public buyers with companies that have the capability and capacity to refocus their activities to supplying goods and services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.



Companies are invited to register on the platform, describing their capability and capacity to manufacture urgently needed products or to supply in-demand services. Companies may also browse and respond to open tender requests that have been placed by public buyers.

Public buyers may access the platform and create a procurement request. Our software matches the procurement request with potential suppliers and facilitates the complete transaction – including initial contact, negotiation, order placement, delivery acceptance, and payment.




Our Underserved Needs in Times of Emergency Platform has been, is and it will keep being under software development. During the year we have been implementing various stages of the application, including user registration for governmental Buyers, Supervisors, and Suppliers, as well as Product/Service addition management for suppliers and other features, e.g Catalog of Products for Buyers, Admin-specific options, internationalization of the running system with 7 languages, file list, member list, bid requests list, user activation/deactivation, even user banning, etc. This means that there has been some serious focusing on features and on making the application thorough, complex enough to ensure that during the tedious Startup process, UNITE can be a home for all three types of Users.


According to pertinent opinions from business strategy, especially now, in times of crisis, focusing on user’s needs instead is an efficient idea. For this, the application has to be simple enough to address the user needs fast. As our main user, our “Master Client”, shall be the Public Buyer, they should quickly find what they need when they visit UNITE. And what public buyers currently need is fast matchmaking with suppliers that can provide products/services Buyers need.


For achieving this, we temporarily hid our “More advanced” implementation version, and the current MVP consists of a database of Suppliers and Products (real supplier names, and mostly products/services that really exists, or that are inspired by reality). Our Home MVP page gives the Buyer the chance to find by keywords / names their needed products and suppliers. Besides, we also have a “Needs” page implemented, where the Buyer can type their need (again, a keyword or a word), and then the relevant “I need…” result appears, from now on the Buyer can click on the need and find the suppliers producing goods that are related to the chosen need of the Buyer.


By example, you want to buy Face Masks as a Government representative. You come to UNITE and type “mask” in the search input, then the relevant results appear.

And if you need a hospital, you go to our Needs page and simply type a word like “hosp”. Then the “I need to find a hospital” item shows up, from this on you click “Look up here” and a whole list of suppliers making products intended for hospitals is there.


A world where governments and companies innovate together to overcome crisis.


Facilitating crisis response and economic stimulus through innovation, by matching public procurement needs with the hidden capabilities of companies to respond to rapidly changing needs of the market.


To connect public buyers with companies that have the capability to fulfill urgent or unusual public procurement needs in response to the crisis.