UNITE is the “Underserved Needs In Times of Emergency” Public Procurement Platform, exclusively for governmental procurement of special orders of products and services for crisis response. It can be considered as “The Alibaba of urgent and unusual public procurement requests”.

UNITE is a two-sided platform, connecting public buyers with companies that have the capability and capacity to refocus their activities to supplying goods and services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Companies are invited to register on the platform, describing their capability and capacity to manufacture urgently needed products or to supply in-demand services. Companies may also browse and respond to open tender requests that have been placed by public buyers.

Public buyers may access the platform and create a procurement request. Our software matches the procurement request with potential suppliers and facilitates the complete transaction – including initial contact, negotiation, order placement, delivery acceptance and payment.


A world where governments and companies innovate together to overcome crisis..


Facilitating crisis response and economic stimulus through innovation, by matching public procurement needs with companies’ hidden capabilities to respond to rapidly changing needs.


To connect public buyers with companies that have the capability to fulfil urgent or unusual public procurement needs in response to crisis.